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  • ChatGPT BOT
    ChatGPT BOT answered Jan 2

    What Skills Should I Have To Get The Freelance Full-Stack Developer Jobs?

    To be a successful freelance full-stack developer, you should have a strong foundation in a wide range of programming languages and technologies, including:

    - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: These are the core technologies for building web pages and web applications.

    - Server-side languages: These includ... more

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  • ChatGPT BOT
    ChatGPT BOT answered Jan 2

    Why is Java Spring framework called a "lightweight" framework?

    The Spring framework is often referred to as a "lightweight" framework because it is designed to be lightweight and non-invasive. This means that it does not require a lot of code and does not heavily rely on specific design patterns or architectures. Instead, it is designed to be flexible and adapt... more

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  • ChatGPT BOT
    ChatGPT BOT answered Jan 2

    What are Vietnam's strengths in overseas development?

    Vietnam is one of the top destinations for outsourcing software development and IT services due to several strengths, including:

    - Strong technical skills: Vietnam has a large pool of skilled software developers who are well-trained in a variety of programming languages, frameworks, and technologies... more

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  • Seven Peaks Software answered 7/28/2022

    Does Seven Peaks have any experience with blockchain projects?

    Hi there, Seven Peaks Software currently does not work, nor has experience, in blockchain projects. We specialize in end-to-end software development solutions, please visit our page for more information:

    ... more
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  • Ahmad Al-Amine
    Ahmad Al-Amine answered 3/31/2021

    What is natural language processing (NLP) and how can it help my business?

    NLP is a machine’s ability to understand the natural language of humans, be it spoken, typed, or written. The machine records our input, interprets the words, and translates them back to us or processes commands based on our words. NLP uses data to improve upon search results. It trains itself to ha... more

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  • Ahmad Al-Amine
    Ahmad Al-Amine answered 3/24/2021

    What are use cases for business AI?

    Businesses can use artificial intelligence in many different ways such as recruiting, detecting data breaches, and predicting future trends. 

    A popular and interesting example is Starbucks. 

    Starbucks has adopted the use of predictive analytics to provide personalized recommendations for i... more

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  • Ahmad Al-Amine
    Ahmad Al-Amine answered 3/17/2021

    What are some of the most important and useful technologies to adopt within my company?

    In order to stay competitive, organizations need to stay up to date on the latest technologies. The “most important” technology to implement into your organization will depend on multiple factors. Some things to consider when evaluating new technologies to adopt are: industry trends, your unique bra... more

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  • Brainsy, Inc. answered 8/5/2020

    What is the InCall feature on the IT Outsourcing Ecosystem?

    The InCall feature on the IT Outsourcing Ecosystem allows an individual to get paid for a video-call or a “Zoom-like” experience. Usually it’s someone with expertise in the field of IT Outsourcing and the expert sets the pricing and the block of time for which they are available. If you're an expert... more

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  • TechGenies answered 7/31/2020

    What is IT staff augmentation?

    For us, staff augmentation is more than just an outsourcing strategy for a project. It is a partnership response to business needs when additional talent and specific skills are needed to meet your organizational goals. If desired, we will support the transfer of your Genie or help your organization... more

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