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What is natural language processing (NLP) and how can it help my business?

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Ahmad Al-Amine
Ahmad Al-Amine  replied:

NLP is a machine’s ability to understand the natural language of humans, be it spoken, typed, or written. The machine records our input, interprets the words, and translates them back to us or processes commands based on our words. NLP uses data to improve upon search results. It trains itself to have more relevant results to what was asked from the user. 

We not only see NLP in search engines such as Google, but it’s also a foundational part of personal assistant programs like Siri and Alexa. NLP can even be used to track brand performance or sort through thousands of medical records in hospitals.

The possibilities with NLP are constantly expanding as technology advances. 

TechGenies has a more in-depth article on NLP and potential use cases you can find here: https://techgenies.com/what-is-natural-language-processing-nlp-how-does-nlp-work-and-how-can-businesses-use-nlp/