A discussion with Ameer Al Saati of Main Source 365 Tech Innovators

1: Let's start with some personal questions. How are you and your family doing in the COVID era?

We are staying safe at home kids are on homeschooling and, I'm working from home as well adjusted to this new remote reality
2: Can you tell us about how you founded or joined this company?

Founded in 2012 as a sole proprietor with my mom in NewYork and my self-managing the development of operations with a team of technology experts providing  remote support services from the Philippines.

3: What makes your company unique from others in the field?

We make I.T easy for everyone!

4: Has the coronavirus pandemic affected your business and if so, how are you adjusting?

The coronavirus has affected everyone globally but for us less than others as we are a remote-first company from day one.

5: What do you think are the major trends in your field?

Helping companies and individuals with cybersecurity, cloud computing, IoT, and adapting to the new remote really with technology.

6: What are the keys to customer success and satisfaction and has that changed in the era of COVID?

Staying connected with our customers to build loyalty and peace of mind with technology in uncertain times.

7: How would you see your company ten years in the future?

We all know technology is the future, and keeping up with innovations in this technology-driven world we live in not easy.  Main Source 365 Tech is about providing reliable IT solutions, making IT easy for everyone all around the world.

8: Any final thoughts?  

Our goal is to provide businesses and homes with reliable CyberSecurity & IT Solutions anywhere,  at any time, making IT easy for everyone.  

Website: www.mainsource365.com 


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