Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has evolved from a lofty, theoretical idea in science fiction flicks. Now, AI is common at home in AI applications such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri to turn on their lights and start their cars.

As low unemployment rates and booming technology advancements have lodged a growing chasm between available talent and business needs, HR departments and recruitment teams are increasingly turning to AI to unlock more value for their organizations. When the software development is done correctly, natural language software can enable an artificial intelligence that can augment a low to mid-level HR professional’s job, freeing more time for human creativity and high-level problem-solving. 

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Stromi jenner Stromi jenner 12/13/2021

Outsourcing IT Services: A Simple Guide to Choosing the Right Provider.

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Sarah Smith Sarah Smith 2/18/2022

As per staffing and enrollment firm Allegis, 66% of competitors are open to associating with a medical billing software chatbot, so the market appears to be ready for standard reception.