An interview with Ahmad Al-Amine, CEO and Co-founder, of TechGenies. 

Let’s start with some personal questions. How are you and your family doing in the COVID era?  

We are doing well, thank you for asking. Doing our part of staying safe and keeping those around us safe. We are all in this Pandemic together, and it will take discipline from everyone to get through it. 

Can you tell us about how you founded or joined this company? 

I have always been an entrepreneur, however, in the case of TechGenies, I was fortunate enough to meet my Co-Founder Maan (Mark) Hamdan, who helped me in taking the first step into a new industry. Technology is the backbone of every industry, and is part of our day to day life. I am glad that I took that first step, 5+ years back. 

What makes your company unique from others in the field? 

TechGenies’ reach with offices in 9 countries, and counting, gives us access to talent in 6 different time zones across the globe. Something that no other company our size does. Aside from access to talent, we have worked hard on building an amazing culture across our global offices, and in being excellent guests in all those countries. On top of all of that, we operate at cost and are 100% transparent with our pricing model. 

Has the coronavirus pandemic affected your business and if so, how are you adjusting?

Like every business, we were affected by the pandemic. Clients are suffering and getting paid on time became a luxury, while we work hard on taking care of our own teams around the globe. But by doing an inventory of everything that has transpired during the past 7 months, there is more to be thankful for than there is to hate about the pandemic. 

What do you think are the major trends in your field? 

Rapid movement towards digital transformation by companies of all sizes. Remote work became the norm, which serves our business model of hiring people to work in various countries. New technologies are becoming more of a mainstream. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Natural Language Processing, … etc are becoming an integral part of every application built. 

What are the keys to customer success and satisfaction and has that changed in the era of COVID?  

- Treating remote team members the same you would treat those you see on a regular basis. 
- Expect the same level of service from a remote talent, just like you would from a local one. Lower cost doesn’t mean lower expectations. 
- Setting the right expectations, and communicating on a regular basis is a big part of the success formula. 

All of the above is the same as it was before COVID, however, during COVID, they all became critical components.

How would you see your company ten years in the future?

Great question! We are now close to 200 employees, in 9 countries, after 5 years. In 10 years, 10k employees, in 50 countries. 

Your final thoughts?

Thank you for taking the time to speak to me. I appreciate the thoughtful questions and the opportunity to speak about our journey. Building great teams is a passion of mine, and I am excited for the culture that we have cultivated in all our offices. I look forward to even better days ahead! 

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