When it comes to IT staff augmentation, whether your business is employing nearshoring vs. offshoring, the bottom line is transparency.

For many startups just beginning to scale and grappling with limited resources, the lack of resources to find IT talent and a growing need for IT talent can become an innovation-halting conundrum – unless businesses turn to experts to handle this process for them.

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Stromi jenner Stromi jenner 9/12/2021


ADI is one of the best staffing agencies in Southeast Asia with 3 different services, IT outsourcing, recruitment consulting and payroll outsourcing and providing a hassle-free process to obtain a work permit, in various countries, which are Thailand, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

IT staff outsourcing is when the partner would like to employ staff temporarily. This service allows the partner to hire a qualified individual or a team, for a fixed amount of time, without the risks of employing permanent staff. ADI takes full responsibility for swiftly selecting suitable staff and also the recruitment, payroll, retaining and replacement of the staff. ADI has a great recruitment process, employee benefits, training & development and retention policies, so the partner can be assured that ADI keeps their services and staff to a professional standard.

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