Anonymous asked Brainsy, Inc. , 8/5/2020 ( 1 comment )

What is the InCall feature on the IT Outsourcing Ecosystem?

Brainsy, Inc. replied:

The InCall feature on the IT Outsourcing Ecosystem allows an individual to get paid for a video-call or a “Zoom-like” experience. Usually it’s someone with expertise in the field of IT Outsourcing and the expert sets the pricing and the block of time for which they are available. If you're an expert, you may find that prospective customers use the InCall service to do some "due diligence" on you firm so we recommend you offer to discount your services by the cost of any call if a client decides to engage you as a result. Also, you may find some want to use your expertise to get your feedback on an estimate or quote they've received elsewhere as they compare alternatives.