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Whether you need to augment your current IT staff, an entire team, or a fixed deliverable, we have the skills and expertise to bring your wishes to life.

From startups seeking end-to-end technology enablement, to large enterprises looking to bridge mission-critical skill gaps quickly and cost-effectively, to mid-sized operations seeking well-defined deliverables, we develop custom solutions that are every bit as unique as the businesses they serve.

With offices in 9 countries, we have access to a diverse array of talent and skillsets to ensure that your team is the perfect fit for your needs.



How Techgenies helps you with digital transformation:

Technology Enablement
Gaining access to the capital required to realize their vision is a challenge that all startups face. We can help by providing at-cost resources and services that can be supported on a fee-for-service, equity, or hybrid basis.

IT Staff Augmentation
We use our global presence to locate, hire and administer a highly-skilled team that’s hand-picked to suit your goals, structure, processes and culture, leaving you free to drive the strategic vision required to deliver against your objectives.

Project Delivery
From software development and machine learning to technology and compliance audits to DevOps integration and much more, we have a long track record of shipping the highest quality deliverables on-time and within budget.


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