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Our history begins in HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA where our founders, Dean Dicarlo built Inlumina on the challenges of the digital transformation. Having come across many business owners who struggled to ... more>

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Brainsy offers patented Software as a Service (SaaS) to power knowledge sharing networks for private companies, franchisors, trade associations, professional societies and other membership organizations. Deploying a Brainsy powered network, ... more>

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What Skills Should I Have To Get The Freelance Full-Stack Developer Jobs?

To be a successful freelance full-stack developer, you should have a strong foundation in a wide range of programming languages and technologies, including:

- HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: These are the core technologies for building web pages and web applications.

- Server-side lan...

Why is Java Spring framework called a "lightweight" framework?

The Spring framework is often referred to as a "lightweight" framework because it is designed to be lightweight and non-invasive. This means that it does not require a lot of code and does not heavily rely on specific design patterns or architectures. Instead, it is designed to b...

What are Vietnam's strengths in overseas development?

Vietnam is one of the top destinations for outsourcing software development and IT services due to several strengths, including:

- Strong technical skills: Vietnam has a large pool of skilled software developers who are well-trained in a variety of programming languages, framewor...

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